United Marriage Course

Grow in Your Faith and Your Marriage
9 Week course Starts April 27th! Every Friday @ 6:30pm in Kahului

Register Today for only $99 per couple.  It will be the best decision for your marriage yet!
Email ikent@me.com for any info, requests of registration needs.

Soon we will all be in for a treat!  We will begin a course that will change Marriages and relationships forever.  
We prioritize many things in life: God, Kids, Work, School, Hobbies… Isn’t it about time to prioritize your Marriage?

Heather and Kent have been Trained by FDI (Family Dynamics Institute) to facilitate this amazing course.  They believe in this course so much that they continued their training and work with FDI to become the only international Facilitator Trainers (the ability to train couples to lead the course), bringing this course to Africa.  It will absolutely change your marriage!

Yes, it’s every Friday night for 9 weeks.  But haven’t we sacrificed time and energy and money on things far less important than marriage?  You will not regret this.  In fact, every class we have led or been apart of wishes at the end that it was just a bit longer.  Thank you for your support and willingness to work on your marriages.

Don't just count your blessings; totally enjoy them by getting United!

God intended for married couples to enjoy very special blessings. Through United, you and your spouse learn how to make your marriage all that God wants it to be. 

This insightful course takes you and your spouse through a series of Life Lessons in Scripture to explore the spiritual and emotional elements of a lasting, loving relationship. By reflecting on the value of a United marriage, you and your spouse will gain a deeper appreciation of one another and your marriage. You'll better understand what living your lives "as one" means and how it changes and strengthens you personally, as a couple, and as a family. By allowing God to be present in your everyday life, you and your spouse will find and develop new and different ways of relating and supporting each other in your life's journey together.

In United, you'll learn how to...

  • Be each other's best and most loyal "friend"
  • Welcome and celebrate each other's differences
  • Talk with each other, not at each other 
  • Give and accept forgiveness without fear
  • Become more cohesive working through life's challenges 
  • Share in and support each other's dreams
  • Believe in and re-commit to your marital and spiritual journey together

Gateway City Church is proud to host Reach2016, the first North American Summit of its kind.  
Followers of Christ are constantly shifting gears to meet the demands of family, work, school, relationships and ministry. Reach will be a time to reconnect and recharge our spiritual batteries in preparation for all God has planned for us.  There are numerous tracks to choose from geared for each stage of life.  Everyone will be taken cared of and helped in their individual needs.

Disciples from all over the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean will gather in the heartland of America.   With over 20,000 Disciples at the conference, we are in for a little piece of Heaven, fellowshipping, learning, and growing closer to God and one another.

Register TODAY 
You will be so thankful you did.